The role of vitamin D3

Good for your skeletal system

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) contributes to normal calcium and phosphorous levels in your blood and increases the absorption of calcium into your bones, so your bones remain strong. Vitamin D3 is also important for your teeth.

Good for cell division 

Vitamin D3 plays a role in the process of tissue growth and development.

Contributes to good resistance 

Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on your immune system. 

Good for your muscles 

Vitamin D3 plays a role in the maintenance of supple and strong muscles.

Recommended Daily Allowance 

As an adult, you need 10 µg vitamin D per day.

If you are over the age of 70 years, you require 20 µg vitamin D per day.

The maximum safe dose is 100 µg per day.

Did you know … 

* Vitamin D3 is more effective than vitamin D2?

* The Health Council of the Netherlands recommends that seniors and people with darker skins take extra vitamin D (via a supplement) to strengthen their bones?

* Your muscles will benefit greatly from vitamin D if you plan to exercise after the operation?