The role of vitamin B3

Supports your energy levels

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps release energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins in your food and thus activates the natural energy in your body.

Important for your skin

Supports your skin's ability to regenerate and maintains healthy skin by caring for it from the inside. Vitamin B3 is also good for your mucous membranes.

Contributes to cognitive function

Vitamin B3 helps with your memory function. In addition, this vitamin is good for your ability to concentrate and your cognitive ability.

For fatigue

Vitamin B3 can help with fatigue and a lack of energy, so that you feel well again.

Important for your nervous system 

Vitamin B3 has a positive effect on the functioning of your nervous system.

Recommended daily allowance 

As an adult, you need 13-17 mg* vitamin B3 per day.

The upper limit for vitamin B3 has been established at 900 mg per day.

* For women and men respectively

Did you know …

* We use nicotinamide in our nutritional supplements at FitForMe? This is a form of vitamin B3 with no known adverse effects for consumption of large doses. 

* Your body can also make vitamin B3 itself from tryptophan? This amino acid occurs in your body naturally. In addition, you obtain vitamin B3 primarily from meat, fish, grain products, vegetables and fruit.

* You can take vitamin B3 if you want to recover quickly after your operation?