The role of zinc

Good for your skeletal system

Zinc plays a role in bone development and is good for maintaining strong bones.

Good for cell division

Zinc plays a role in the process of tissue growth and development.

Good for your memory and concentration

Zinc is good for your memory, ability to concentrate, state of mind and cognitive ability. Zinc contributes to resilience against stress.

Contributes to metabolism

Zinc plays a role in the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin A and DNA. In addition, zinc plays a role in maintaining normal acid base balance.

Good for your vision 

Zinc plays a role in the functioning of your retina and is necessary to maintain good eyesight (in the dark too).

Good for your hair, skin and nails

Zinc keeps your hair glossy and strong and contributes to normal hair growth. Zinc nourishes your skin and is also good for your nails.

Good for your testosterone levels

Zinc is good for male fertility and contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in your blood.

Supports your immune system

Zinc contributes to good resistance and as an antioxidant, helps protect your body against external influences.

Recommended Daily Allowance

You need 7-9 mg* zinc per day.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you require 9-11 mg zinc per day respectively.

The maximum safe dose for zinc is 25 mg per day. 

* For women and men respectively.

Did you know …

* There is enough zinc in your WLS multivitamin to keep your hair strong and to support its normal growth?

* Zinc is found in many different foods, such as meat, cheese, grain products, nuts, seafood and shellfish? 

* You need to take care of your bones, particularly after your operation, because there is less pressure on them?