The role of potassium

Beneficial for your blood pressure

Potassium has a positive effect on the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Good for your muscles

Potassium plays a role in the maintenance of strong and supple muscles.

Important for your nervous system

Potassium has a positive effect on the functioning of your nervous system.

Recommended Daily Allowance 

As an adult, you need 3100-3500 mg* potassium per day.

No maximum safe dose has been established for potassium.

* For women and men respectively.

Did you know …

* You normally take in sufficient potassium through your food? That is why we intentionally chose not to add potassium to our supplements at FitForMe.

* You flush out excess potassium via your urine?

* A stomach reduction can reduce high blood pressure? Potassium ensures your blood pressure remains normal afterwards.