The role of manganese

Good for your connective tissue

Manganese is good for your cartilage and for bone development.

Supports your energy levels

Manganese helps release energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins in your food and activates the natural energy in your body.

Good for your skeletal system

Manganese is important for the maintenance of strong bones.

Protects cells

Manganese has an antioxidative effect and thus helps protect the cells of your body from external influences.

Recommended Daily Allowance

As an adult, you need 3.0 mg manganese per day.

The maximum safe dose of manganese is 11 mg per day.

Did you know …

* Manganese is found primarily in grains, rice, nuts, greens, fruit, meat, fish and tea?

* An excess of manganese is rare?

* You put less pressure on your bones because of your weight loss and that means reduced bone density? Manganese ensures your bones remain strong.