The role of iron

Supports the production of red blood cells 

Iron has a beneficial effect on normal formation of your red blood cells  and haemoglobin. Thus, iron is good for normal transport of oxygen in your body.

Helps with cell division 

Iron plays a role in the process of tissue growth and development in your body.

Good for your memory and concentration

Iron is good for your memory, ability to concentrate and your mental health. 

Supports your energy levels

Iron helps release energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins and activates the natural energy in your body.

Contributes to good resistance

Iron has a positive effect on your immune system. 

Contributes to fitness

Iron helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Recommended Daily Allowance

As an adult, you need 9 mg iron per day.

Women who are menstruating need 15 mg iron per day.

The maximum upper limit for iron has been established at 50 - 75 mg per day.

Did you know …

* Calcium impedes the absorption of iron? Therefore, you should take calcium separately from your multivitamin. Conversely, vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron.

* We add iron fumarate to our supplements at FitForMe? It is haem iron and is well absorbed by your body.

* Iron can help with the unpleasant fatigue you may experience after the operation?