The role of chromium

Contributes to normal blood sugar level

Chromium helps keep your blood sugar level stable.

Contributes to your energy metabolism

Chromium plays a role in the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Recommended Daily Allowance

As an adult, you need 20-35 μg* chromium per day.

The safe upper limit is 250 μg chromium per day.

* 25-35 μg for adults over the age of 19 years and 20-30 μg for adults over the age of 51 years.

Did you know …

* Vitamin C improves the absorption of chromium?

* Chromium is found in vegetables, fruit, wholegrain products and to a lesser extent, in meat and dairy products?

* Chromium helps regulate your blood sugar level? A good supplement thus, especially if you have (had) Type 2 diabetes!