You have decided to start a new life. At FitForMe, we understand the enormity of your decision only too well. We would like to support you in that. 

We do that with our unique supplements, but also by always being at your service with professional advice, a listening ear, handy tips and delicious recipes!

Because of our passion for your health, and to help you regain control of your life, FitForMe has developed a specific multivitamin for every of type of weight loss operation.  Just one capsule a day provides you with the exact amount of vitamins and minerals you need.

Why do you need extra vitamins? Here's why.

After your operation, many changes take place in your body. You are only able to take in little food and thus, few nutrients, yet your body desperately needs these to function well. Therefore, it is important that you supplement your diet with extra minerals and extra calcium. 

Your operation

Gastric sleeve or gastric band.

After a gastric sleeve, the size of your stomach is reduced permanently. The surgeon removes a large part of the stomach lengthwise. As a result, the stomach (usually 1.5 litres) becomes a sort of tube with far less capacity. Your digestive tract remains intact. However, your appetite is satisfied more quickly after eating a small amount of food. You take in less food throughout the day, thus fewer vitamins and minerals too.

If you have a gastric band, your stomach is not permanently reduced in size. A band is placed around your stomach so that the upper section is as small as a mandarin. As a result, your appetite is satisfied more quickly and you eat less, therefore you no longer take in all the important substances. 

Gastric bypass

In this operation, the size of your stomach is reduced and a so-called "remnant" pouch remains. This pouch is connected directly to the second half of the small intestine. The largest part of the stomach and the duodenum become inactive. This means your appetite is satisfied quickly and you eat less, amongst other effects. This also means that you take in fewer vitamins and minerals.

It is therefore important that you supplement your daily nutritional intake with a specially developed supplement.

Just one capsule or WLS Forte chewable vitamin a day provides your body with the best possible support. 


A biliopancreatic diversion/Scopinaro (BPD) or duodenal switch (DS) is a complex procedure that has far reaching consequences in respect of the consumption of nutrients. In these operations, your stomach is reduced in size and the surgeon carries out a sort of bypass. A large section of the small intestine then becomes inactive. In addition, your appetite is satisfied more quickly because your stomach is smaller. Supplementation with a multivitamin – an extra high dose of vitamin B12, iron and vitamins A, D, E and K in particular - is very important. 

With just one WLS Maximum capsule a day, you can be certain your body is taking in sufficient vitamins and minerals.