Specially for you

You have taken another big step and are on your way to a new and healthier life. This takes a lot of time and effort, both before and after your operation. Your body has to adjust to your new lifestyle and it is now very important to start taking supplements. We are here to help you, with support and advice.

Why are supplements important?

After your operation you can eat less and therefore the intake of enough vitamins and minerals is more difficult. Your body needs those vitamins and minerals, that is why it is important that you daily supplement your diet with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Why use FitForMe supplements?
  • Why use FitForMe supplements?
  • Scientifically proven and specially developed for after a weight loss surgery.
  • The dosages are specifically tailored to each type of operation.
  • FitForMe has chewables* and capsules, you only need 1 capsule or chewable per day.
  • You receive your supplements each 90 or 180 days, so you never run out of supplements. If you want to change or stop your order, you can do so whenever you want.
  • You receive help and advice from FitForMe.

* If you opt for a chewable, you also need to take an iron tablet daily. The capsule already contains iron.