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* Multivitamin for use after a gastric bypass

* One capsule a day

* Developed according to the latest scientific insights

* Call us to order today!

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* Tablets packed with calcium in the form of citrate

* With extra vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium

* Helps keep your bones and teeth...

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* Specially developed for use after your gastric bypass

* Take extra iron

* To help combat fatigue!

* Free with WLS Forte Chewable Vitamin

* Call...

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* Keep your bones strong

* And your muscles flexible

* With this versatile magnesium

* Which also has a beneficial effect on your nervous system! ...

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* Good for your heart

* Rich in EPA and DHA

* thus also good for your brain

* And that with just one capsule per day!

* Call us to order today!

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