Information for professionals

As a healthcare professional, you know that it is a challenge for patients to take in sufficient vitamins and minerals after weight loss surgery. That is the reason that since 2009, FitForMe has been developing multivitamin formulas for patients with morbid obesity who have had a bariatric procedure. Scientific research shows that FitForMe supplements work better than standard nutritional supplements. The reason is clear: the nutrients are added to FitForMe's WLS supplements in a special dose and are thus tailored precisely to bariatric patients.

Our vision

More and more people are suffering from (morbid) obesity and the effects of being overweight. An increasing number of operations are being performed to counter this. These operations help patients lose a considerable amount of weight and get their lives back. People are realising that healthy eating and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that vitamins and minerals are an essential part of that.

Our mission

It is absolutely essential for the specific group of people who have had a weight loss operation to take vitamins and minerals, because the body is no longer capable of taking in all those vitamins and minerals. We aim to inform everyone about this. 

Scientifically proven

In 2011, the so-called Vitaal Studie (clinical trial) ) was commenced with patients who had undergone a gastric bypass at the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem. For a year, the effect of the daily consumption of multivitamins after the operation was recorded. The conclusion: WLS Forte by FitForMe is far more effective compared to a multivitamin with a standard formulation. Request the free information pack for professionals [link to information pack request form] if you would like to read more.

Continuous development

FitForMe has daily contact with bariatric surgeons, specialists, WLS patients and dieticians for the purpose of tailoring the special multivitamin formulas to patients as effectively as possible. Consequently, the dosage of various vitamins has been reformulated over the years to produce an optimal formula. FitForMe believes in continual development – according to the latest scientific insights!


Which supplement is suitable for patients who have had a gastric band or a gastric sleeve? 

Because the size of the stomach is reduced after these types of procedures, it produces less gastric juice and gastric acid, and there is a high likelihood of vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies. That is why is WLS Optimum was developed, a multivitamin with exactly the right dose of vitamins and minerals, which provides optimal supplementation to your diet.

Which supplement is suitable for patients who have had a gastric bypass?

After the operation, a reduced stomach remains and the small intestine is modified. Usually, most vitamins are absorbed in the small intestine. After these operations, the absorption of nutrients that have been taken in is considerably limited. Therefore, it is important to take in more of a number of vitamins and minerals. The ratio of vitamins and minerals in WLS Forte has been adapted so that on one hand, the likelihood of deficiencies is reduced and on the other, excessively high levels of micronutrients are prevented.

What is the advantage of WLS capsules?

Just one capsule a day provides patients with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Standard multivitamins do not meet the increased need for iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, so patients need to take several supplements a day. Another advantage of WLS capsules is that patients need not chew the capsules, because these are easy to swallow down with a sip of water because of their smooth surface.

In addition, we intentionally opted for capsules and chewable vitamins, because they disintegrate more quickly and the vitamins and minerals are thus better absorbed by the body. Tablets are ‘pressed’ and are actually far too hard for the modified digestive system. After a weight loss operation, the body has too little time to absorb the nutrients from a tablet. Consequently, a tablet would leave the body again immediately without being absorbed. The capsule disintegrates within half an hour of being taken, so your gastrointestinal tract is able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals effectively.

What are the costs?

FitForMe supplements are available from €7.95 per month. FitForMe offers competitive prices and besides, customers benefit from a 10% discount if they opt for the FitForMe Loyalty Programme. Click here to read more about our Loyalty Programme. 

How can the supplements be ordered?

FitForMe multivitamin formulas can easily be ordered online, or requested from our bariatrics product specialist

What is the scientific basis of FitForMe supplements?

In 2011, FitForMe commissioned a randomised controlled trial in collaboration with the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem. This so-called Vitaal Studie 1 showed that patients who take FitForMe's WLS multivitamins produce significantly better vitamin and mineral blood counts than patients who take standard supplements.