Handy tips from our dieticians


Some days are a struggle. Fortunately, the whole FitForMe Team knows most of the pitfalls, often from personal experience. We have listed all our tips to give you a helping hand. 

Remember: every epic journey begins with the first step. And we are here for you along the way.


Try these tips. Start with 1 ...


  • Did you know that cravings come in waves? They first build up, peak at the highest possible point, and then disappear. Really. If you succeed in getting past that one point, you conquer the craving. Surf the urge!
  • Do not go shopping on an empty stomach, eat something in advance. When you go grocery shopping, do it with your partner no more than twice a week.


  • Eat regularly: plan 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Do you feel like eating anyway? Postpone this urge until a suitable time.
  • Chew your food well and swallow it before you prepare the next mouthful on your fork or spoon. 
  • If you notice that you are eating too quickly, eat in front of a mirror. What also works well is using children's cutlery, or taking mouthfuls the size of a 5 cent coin.
  • Brush your teeth or take a shower. A simple trick that works!
  • Try to take smaller sips when you drink.

Taking supplements

  • Take the capsule with a sip of water or a sugar free drink. Coffee can neutralise the taste and make it easier to take.
  • If the capsule is too large to swallow down, you can also open the capsule and take the contents (powder) with a mouthful of sugar free apple sauce, or something else you like.
  • Problems burping the taste? Then take the capsule during a meal or just before going to bed. That is guaranteed to work!
  • Do you easily forget to take your supplements? Set the alarm on your mobile, or create a reminder in Outlook. 


  • Drink something warm 15-30 minutes before you eat, like mint or camomile tea, or chicken broth.
  • Ginger (drops or tea) are effective for nausea.
  • Do not take the capsule on an empty stomach, but 1 or 2 hours after a meal. 


  • Retrieve that pedometer from the cupboard! Look at your average number of steps after the first week and try to increase it by 500 steps a day the following week. A good end goal is ten thousand steps a day.
  • Is walking too boring for you? Then invite a friend to join you. If they have no interest, take the neighbour's dog – it is dying to get outdoors. 
  • Laugh more! Did you know that laughing (heartily) 100 times burns the same number of calories as 10 minutes of rowing? 


  • Plan for a moment of sin: this is important, because if you deprive yourself of something, you start craving it. A tasty treat from time to time is allowed and tastes particularly delicious.
  • Nobody is perfect and you cannot expect yourself to be the perfect weight loss patient 365 days a year.

The very best of luck, on behalf of your loyal supporters!

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