Customer convenience comes first

Why make life difficult when it can be easy? FitForMe is here for you. And because you have enough to contend with after your weight loss operation, we would like to make all the related matters as simple as possible.


Easy online ordering

We believe online ordering should be even easier than buying in a shop. That is why we have made  online ordering of our FitForMe WLS supplements very easy. Have your products delivered to your home in 4 steps. Simple, isn't it?


The FitForMe Team

Behind every formula for success, you find ….. gold-plated customer service! And that is what FitForMe offers. We do all we can to help you further. Everyone in the FitForMe Team has completed a Nutrition & Dietetics study programme and knows which nutritional supplements you need. Before and after your weight loss operation!


My FitForMe

Your own account on the FitForMe website. Here, you get access to exclusive updates. In My FitForMe, you can also see exactly which supplements you ordered last time. Your address details are saved here to speed up the ordering process next time. Everything is under control!


The FitForMe Loyalty Programme

Why keep re-ordering whenever you finish your multivitamins? With the FitForMe Loyalty Programme, we remember when you need more bariatric supplements. Very convenient! We top up your supply every three or six months. Without you having to do anything.