A team with passion



True tea fanatic

I would guess I have 30 different kinds of tea in my cupboard at this moment. A tea to suit every mood! After completing my Nutrition and Dietetics studies in The Hague, I started working for FitForMe in 2011, where they embraced me, as well as my tea collection. I would be delighted to tell you all about our vitamins and minerals and I really take the time to answer your questions about diet and nutritional supplements.


Team leader with a gastric bypass

Eating healthily, exercising and taking in sufficient nutrients: I know better than anyone how important that is after a weight loss operation. I had a gastric bypass in 2013. My first introduction to FitForMe was in hospital, where WLS supplements were recommended to me. I was so positive about FitForMe that I now work there! As a field expert & team leader of all the professional dieticians here, I am happy to help.


Our gluten intolerant coach

Hello! I train the FitForMe Team in respect of service, so that they are able to advise you effectively so that you as the customer achieve the best result. In my free time, I enjoy treating my friends and family to Middle Eastern dishes. I make everything without gluten, because I am unable to tolerate it myself. As a result of this – and my Nutrition and Dietetics studies - I know that the use of a vitamin supplement is an excellent way of remaining healthy and fit.


Anything but a gourmet chef

Powerrrr Long live power pancakes! Although I really enjoy cooking, my cooking creations are usually a pitiful failure. Thanks to my degree in Sports Nutrition, I can however tell you exactly what your body needs in respect of proteins, vitamins and minerals if you engage in intensive exercise. Our power pancakes – I have meanwhile mastered them – are a good protein supplement. I can also tell you all about the use of vitamins & minerals for different medical conditions.