What do our customers think?

We make our FitForMe supplements packed with vitamins and minerals especially for you! We have been doing that for years, because we want to support you and help you! We often receive great feedback from our customers and we are proud to share that with you:

“Good service and delivery the day after my request. I was supposed to have a gastric bypass but ended up having a sleeve, I passed this information on and I received the new pills at home the next day – great service!”

“Good that everything is so well organised and that I no longer need to think about ordering the vitamins myself.”

 “Excellent and quick delivery, good tips and personalised advice. Great to have email contact, clear explanations.”

 “For me, the operation and the relevant diet and your supplements are essential. I am now 71 years of age and exceptionally, was considered for this operation that is taking place this month. I am already taking the vitamins; this assists in leading a healthier life. The delivery was right on schedule and the costs will be of no concern to me. If, together with a modified diet, they ensure I live a few more years, then I am satisfied!”