Our story

Our story starts with two friends. One spends much time outdoors, eats healthily, but does little exercise. On the contrary, the other participates in sports fanatically, but has an office job and goes to the pub regularly with colleagues. They both feel well, but naturally, there is always room for improvement. They ascertain that they are both taking exactly the same standard nutritional supplement. Incomprehensible, they feel. Because no two individuals are the same. They develop a unique nutritional test and start a business that specialises in vitamins tailored to various individual diets and lifestyles.

The world of obesity

Then they see that more and more people are battling with being seriously overweight. And that increasingly, people are are opting for weight loss surgery as a way of getting their lives back. That inspires the two friends! Because of their own passion for health, they become involved in the world of obesity and develop a special multivitamin for people who have had a gastric bypass.


The result is so good, they decide to continue in this direction. They develop multivitamins and other supplements for patients who have had a gastric band, sleeve, biliopancreatic diversion, or duodenal switch. From that point, FitForMe became the leading company to support bariatric patients on the journey to a healthier life.

How we view the world

More and more people are suffering from obesity and the effects of being overweight. An increasing number of operations are being performed to counter this. These operations help patients lose a considerable amount of weight and get their lives back. People are realising that healthy eating and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that vitamins and minerals are an essential part of that.

What we find important

Taking vitamins and minerals is absolutely essential, particularly for people who have had a weight loss operation. Since the stomach is now so much smaller, the body does not obtain sufficient nutrients from food alone. We aim to inform everyone about this. 

Our promise to you

At FitForMe, we understand your battle with your weight. You have taken the brave decision to undergo a life-changing operation. Your first step towards a new, healthy life. Congratulations! 

After the operation, it is important to supplement your diet with tailor-made multivitamins, because your body is no longer capable of taking in all the vitamins and minerals you require daily in sufficient quantities.

At FitForMe, we can ensure you do get the amount of vitamins and minerals you require daily. We are able to do that, because we have proven it scientifically.

You and your health are our priority. That is why we give you the very best personalised service and supply a product that really works. We promise you the best quality at an affordable price. And we do that with great pleasure.

FitForMe is your biggest fan and supports you on the journey to a healthier life. We ensure you stay on track. Now and for the rest of your life.

FitForMe is here for you