Discover the formula for success behind our products

There is a secret behind every formula for success. At FitForMe, that is solid scientific research, good ingredients and a genuine passion for health. We tell you more about this below.

Scientifically proven

In collaboration with Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, scientific research was conducted that showed people who have undergone a bariatric procedure and take FitForMe supplements produce far better vitamin B12 and folic acid blood counts and even have optimal iron levels. This is how we contribute to your health and energy levels. 

Produced in the Netherlands

To guarantee the highest quality, all our supplements are made in the Netherlands by recognised companies. Naturally, these companies comply with all legislation and hold the relevant Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP certification. And we are proud of that!

Highly absorbable

There is a great variation in quality of the various ingredients used in nutritional supplements. When we formulate our FitForMe supplements, we always choose the variant that is best absorbed by the human body. Naturally!

Free from allergens

You can expect a quality supplement not to cause any allergic reactions. That is why we strive to avoid allergens in our supplements. Virtually all FitForMe supplements are free from lactose, yeast, gluten and synthetic colouring and flavouring agents and fragrance enhancers.

Special packaging

Ideally, we pack virtually all our tablets and capsules in special blister packs, because these offer the best protection against the effects of oxygen, moisture and light, ensuring optimum hygiene. Where we do not use blister packs, we use handy jars that can be securely sealed.

Do you take good care of our vitamins?

Once we have sent you our supplements, do you take good care of them? They should be stored in a cool, dark place and not beside the microwave or oven, the packaging should not be opened too frequently and the pot should be closed securely after use, the tablets or capsules should not be pressed out of the blister pack too far in advance of use, they should not be placed in sunlight … That way they remain in good condition until the expiry date.